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The Morning Maker

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Start your morning with this elevated grilled cheese and win the rest of day.

Epic Grilled Cheese
The Morning Maker


4 slices white bread 2 tbsp butter 6 strips bacon 5 oz grated cheddar cheese 1/4 cup fresh baby spinach 1/2 granny smith apple 2 tbsp maple syrup


Fry bacon in a skillet and place onto a paper towel-lined plate to drain.

Butter both sides of bread. Place into pan with bacon fat. Cook until golden brown on both sides.

Turn on broiler. Sprinkle 4 handfuls of cheddar on each slice and pop under broiler until cheese is melted.

Thinly slice Granny Smith apple and cut bacon strips in half.

Once cheese is melted, drizzle each slice with maple syrup, top with 3 slices of bacon, apple and spinach.

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